For the LOVE of logic
Put medicine and pro vs. anti vaxx aside. 
Let us pick apart an article, which is based in New England, BUT, has popped up about 3 months ago in local USA papers (it's called systematic programming, or indoctrination.  You start small and build)
   The following comments are based off this article as this article has NO comment section, so I must create my own: A Decade on, Vaccine has Halved Cervical Cancer Rates.  I am sharing this article because it is the newest, but I will be using the USA stats because this story was run in a local paper, about USA cancer rates, not 5 months ago, and I was just as annoyed by the logical fallacy of that article, that article did have a comment section and was taken down.
      This is a Logical Argument Only!!!! 
     The HPV vaccines were launched in 2006.  At the time it was recommended for 11 to 12 year-old girls. This group would be: 21 and 22 respectively today, the day of this article.  Only 53.8% girls (no boys yet) got the vaccination (1 of 3).  That alone would NOT lower RATES  As the average age of getting Cervical Cancer is 49.  15% in 65+, with the largest, younger group (78% of anyone that gets it under 49) is 30-39...  NOT 21 to 22.
       Let's even play Devils Advocate.  They now say: 13-26.  Some sites saying as young as 9 to 26...  Even though the package says: 13 to 17 IF you didn't get it at 11 to 12.
       This now puts the original age group: 9 to 26, to 19 to 36.  STILL NOT in the highest rate group!!!!!  AND remember only 53.8% of girls even got the shot ten years ago.  AND let us not mention: HPV vaccination lasts anywhere from 6 to 10 years (The science isn't settle on this yet...Why.. The vaccination is new, they haven't had enough time to know the length. Some tests show as little as 2 years). 
      Below are the Charts of when girls get cervical cancer (From Seer. Cancer . gov) , and the other shows that Cervical Cancer has been LOWERING since 1969-!!!!  Logically, the HPV can't even be considered as a front runner for lowering cancer rates as it is evident that the first wave of girls (my eldest daughter was among this group) haven't even reached an age where Cervical Cancer is an issue.  

SIDE NOTE: Parents, please research HPV infections.  Cervical Cancer rates.  HPV vaccines and adverse events.  HPV vaccines ingredients.  YOU CAN BE PRO-VACCINE BUT AGAINST THIS ONE SHOT!!!! 



09/19/2016 10:14pm

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11/28/2016 12:41am

I think that it is every parent's responsibility to protect their children from deadly illnesses like cervical cancer. I for one am in favor of vaccines. But of course there are still those that need more research and data. I think that it's just right that we should do our research ourselves before letting our children be injected with anything. It's better to be careful than be sorry later on.

11/28/2016 3:25pm

Your idea is very interesting. Thanks you've shared with us!

01/04/2017 3:19pm

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