We learn brainwashing techniques in order to avoid: Mind Control.  If you don't control your mind, you have no control at all.  There are no sources for this Article/Vlog...as I am using my own thoughts, and past stories I have heard...so there you go.   The manipulator uses these methods to gain control of you.  Let's change that.  Today we take a deeper look at Us vs. Them.  Remember: Brainwashing means: a process by which ideas are implanted in the mind.  Syn: Indoctrination.
Mind Control: Intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person's basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with an alternative set of fixed beliefs. It is a means of ending Individual Thought. It is 2 + 2 = 5.

Why is Us vs. Them an effective brainwashing tool that easily leads to mind control?

My answer: Because it is true.  Plain and simple.  Not what you thought I was going to say? 

"Fear monger much?"

No, seriously though, it is real, but the "Them" as opposed to "Us" is possibly what you might not know...this is how "Them" works...because they use a smaller subset of "them" for a bigger and better control method.

Did I confuse you?

Let me give you an example.

Torch Boys.  Back in the day, before electricity young boys would walk people home in the dark by using torches, you know, light the way. These people who employed the Torch Boys needed them, think about walking in the forest alone, in the dark, without a flashlight, and no moon, scary, right? Especially if you live in marsh area.  Well some of these Torch Boys would roll their clients.  Meaning, if a man was drunk, or looked vulnerable, they would beat them and rob them.  Thus creating a: Us vs. Them situation. ...  And yet, they remained popular because they were needed and the risk was worth it.

Now, we take this small example of "them" and I will present to you how the REAL "them" works.

This didn't happen, I am using this as an abstract example, okay.

Lets say John, a man of power, is rolled one day, he is beaten so badly that he nearly dies, lucky him the leeches worked, yeah modern medicine *wink*  John decides he must end the Torch Boys.  He hires his friend Frank from the local paper to document each and every bad account of Torch Boys.  Frank is good, he documents each and every case, possibly exaggerating the situation just a little. Nevertheless...he incites fear.  And before you know it Torch Boys are the end of the world and are immediately banned, but lucky for the blokes who use them, John, the man of power, has a business that supplies you with your Torch Boys needs. 

John is the real Them, the population is Us, and the torch boys, on a smaller scale, are a type of them.

This is not to say that there is not real danger among the smaller more general population, it is to point out that those who can be collectivized under a controlling authoritarian are more dangerous.

In reality the evil master mind seeks out the vulnerable of mind.  In reality we are all vulnerable to this type of control.  We see a real danger, we have a healthy level of fear, but it is in this time that the puppet master steps in...we must be cautious and ever diligent in our understanding of the actual level of the threat at hand.

What to do?  What to do?

We could guarantee each person absolute liberty that cannot be taken away unless they violate and cause actual harm you know there is a victim...and if they do cause actual harm...they are guaranteed a trail to be judged by their peers. ....  But we can't have that, now can we...  Well we could, but unfortunately with freedom comes responsibility and we have not reached a time where people are willing to be responsible. At least not enough of us.  We have created a society that is so twisted that they have justified stealing as righteous, jailing people for not going to school is good, and taking away medical rights....is the norm. You see, your body is not your own, not anymore, and the general public believes this is a good thing.

Okay, so how do we really fight this.  We start with you and we start with me.  There is this strange thing called the tipping point.  It starts with one individual who goes out into the world and critically thinks about the things happening around him. He trusts those around him while keeping a healthy amount of skepticism.  When told something, he confirms for himself.  He (or she) when facing something fearful, seeks to quell these fears by understanding it.  Once he understands this fear he can come up with a plan to deal with it.  By his example, others follow.  One becomes two. Two becomes Four, and after a time the number is so great that it becomes the norm.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept, is to take something you really fear, I mean really fear, and learn all about it.  Don't just go to one source, that will keep you in the mindset of the evil "them"...look at it from both pro and against... delve deeply into it.  If it is something you should have a healthy amount of fear for come up with a plan of action should something unthinkable happen.

I'll share with you one of my greatest fear:  The collective of people who push the button based solely off the instructions of someone that has been given title of authority.  You know the 80%+ people in the Milgram experiment who blindly follow orders even against their own wishes.  OH, another example of this has been circulating on the net right now: The woman who walks into the office where people stand up every time a buzz was sounded. 

Okay, lets wrap this up.  Please let me know what your greatest fear is and maybe we can point to sources that might help.  Remember only we, as in you the individual and I the individual, have the true power to control our thoughts.

Peace out.



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Brainwashing is a method of influencing people to change their beliefs and accept as true what they previously has considered false. The term was first used to refer to methods practiced by the Chinese Communist.


Don’t you think that brain washing is scary? I know that it is the counter measure of brain control. But still removing their precious memory without their consent is really a scary thing. If my brain were too washed than maybe I can die of sadness and loneliness because my precious memories are the reason that I am alive.


Very impressive publication here. Moreover as I see, this question is very actual for many people indeed.

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You have great thoughts. I love it!


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