Without freedom of speech we are in danger of creating a situation where everybody may disagree with something, but everybody also believes that everyone else does believe it so they say nothing, they do nothing, and a great atrocity occurs.  A simple example of this comes by way of a story most of Gen X and Baby-boomers are familiar with.  The Emperor Has No Clothes.  The story goes that everyone knew the emperor was naked, but were afraid because everyone else acted as though he did have clothes. This happens all to often in our world when we let "group think" take over the rational mind.  While the Emperor was simply humiliated, it illustrates the danger of suppressing speech.
     Think back to the Witch Trails.  Do you really believe everyone agreed with it?  How different might the world be if we had not killed hundreds of thousands of "witches"   ....   I could give a hundred of examples, but I am sure my readers already know most of them.
     Raven and I were reading a history lesson on the Christian Crusades.  A Viking had been converted to Christianity and went on these Crusades.  At a point, in the middle of a battle, women and children were being slaughtered but the Viking stood up and stopped the slaughter.  We all have it in us, the ability to stand up for what is right (and sometimes what is wrong), however, without FREEDOM of speech, all can be lost. All will be lost, and I will not be a part of the destruction of the ideals of freedom.
     I invite you to watch the youtube video below and also, when you have a minute, visit the following website to understand what is happening on College campuses around out great nation.  Our future leaders are learning that free speech is bad, segregation is good, and everyone should simply do as they are told.

This is why you must pick your partners carefully. Family Court is big business.  I've watched it help and harm families. I think the only rational solution is for kids to learn the gravity of having children and getting married.  Could you imagine if in high school they taught kids about Divorce and how Family Court could end up making their parental decisions for them? (Don't forget about the court case where three children were sent to Juvenile Jail for refusing to have lunch with their dad)
     Articles I found that might help:
     How to avoid a Divorce, According to Science
     How to Strengthen a Marriage Divorce
The best advice I can give is to be kind to one another.  Love is an active thing. Mostly, don't jump into marriage without first knowing the ramifications of what happens if it fails.  You can learn more about Divorce Court here:  Don't be left in the dark about Divorce.

I'm kind of weired out ...  What if I was wrong about Collective vs. Individualism?

Sometimes, to find the answer to the real problem, we might have to change the question itself.  If you've followed anything of mine you know how I cringe at the thought of The Greater Good, The Collective, Democracy, Socialism, Communism, ....  well you get it...

To me it came down to the philosophical ideas surround the notion of the individual's rights vs. the collective societal rights...The collective does not have a right, only the individual. After all, a forest is only a forest if it has trees... thus a society does not exist if the individual does not exist. (This idea, to me, has not changed)

Let me give you a quick idea of my thinking, before this morning.

Collective: Like chess.  Two invisible men (the dictator or corrupted individual) are moving all the pawn pieces (the collective) with one goal: Their side will win, and it doesn't matter which peace is sacrificed.

Teamwork: Baseball. The individual remains, they are not sacrificed ... but the goal remains, to win.

Individualism: Tennis, each player takes the field alone and does battle ...  to win.

A deeper example:

Collective: Spanish Inquisition, Genocide, Witch trails, basically in my mind.... a mass hysteria where the people seemingly lose their mother f-ing minds and will slaughter their brother if it means saving themselves.

Teamwork: Building things, bridges, roads, libraries, parks (I could not see teamwork on a large scale)

Individual: Einstein ... Visionaries ...   But never someone bad. (Well outside of Dictators, they have to be individuals but they feed off the collective.)

So what happened? Well, because I do want to keep this short and will have to give it some more thought let me put it like this:

Maybe it is not the collective that is the "bad" thing, the thing that drives genocide, and the like...but rather it is the motivation of the collective...similar to the individual.  We, those who have studied genocide, watched medical trends, studied history, and social studies, fear the collective for a very good reason, these terrible things are carried out by a collective enraptured with fear, but if you could have a collective based on love, one that loved the individual, you would have a freer more equitable society.

Maybe?  This is what I am trying to understand ....  Can the individual exist inside the collective?  The answer, as proposed to me earlier today, was yes...IF...and only IF the collective is based on LOVE not FEAR.

ME: Great, now I have to do some thinking.
Before today: NO!!!!!   After today: Yes, but probably not in this lifetime, or any lifetime on this planet. So...To summarize in one line...Before today I thought the collective only became the collective because they were driven by fear to be together...After today, I am not so sure anymore.

Not much progress right?  But as I said, I am just trying to understand this new line of thinking, this idea that maybe it is not the collective herd that is bad...but the Fear driving them. (Which is kind of why I don't like collectives in the first place)

So is it FEAR that drove all the collectives?  If so, does that make the future more terrifying? (Some fear porn for you) ...  So I ask, does fear drive our society?  Is fear the superior emotion?  The master?

 I would say: With a heavy heart: YES to most people, about 70 to 90% of people let fear control them.  

BUT...Maybe I am wrong, I hope I am wrong.  

I want to leave you with this question:  Can we ever have a positive collective, on a grand scale, that acts out of love rather than fear?  Works out of cooperation and does not kill sacrifice their fellow man?  This would mean everyone had the right to life, even if you feared their existence.

I'm torn on this.  Though love is superior, love is stronger, love will cross oceans and dig to the center of the earth... Too many people do not understand love, whereas I would say 99% of the people understand fear. 

Thanks.  *E   Like and share if this resonates with you.

Stats First, Next Definition, Followed up by the two times I witnessed something I would consider a cross over from Drug Addict to Junky.
Stats from the USA.  70% of us are on prescription drugs.  The amount of drugs being used could be equally doled out to EVERY person, and each would have 12.  The highest drugs used: antibiotics, antidepressants, and painkilling opioids.
According to Medscape 1 in 5 adults are taking a psychiatric medication.
That's fine, do what you would like, as long as you are aware of the problem...that is all I care about.  It are the ones that are not aware that scare me.
Oxford Dictionary:
Druggy:  Caused by, involving, or given to taking drugs, especially illegal ones. (Interesting note, druggy was coined in the 16th century, which really doesn't surprise many, after all, life can be very cruel, and one would be hard pressed if they never said they wanted to escape) 

So we have a lot of Druggies, to be sure. But check out what a Junky is...according to Oxford, which those of you who know me, know it is the only dictionary I use.  :) 

Useless or of little value.

Now, when is a human considered a junky, well when they are no longer useful to themselves.  Right?  I mean there is a fine line between "handling" a situation with a little help now and then, and ending up passed out on the street with poop running down your legs.  (I knew an alcoholic that didn't stop drinking until he woke up in the morning passed out in a gutter covered in his own shit, I would say, in that moment of time...he was useless to himself)

First...Let's put this in context. When I was a teenager I was at a party, and a girl was about to "shoot-up" I wanted to watch, more as a morbid type of curiosity, I didn't want to do it because I was lucky enough to have watched Less Than Zero, and had watched, in horror, as Robert gave blow jobs for drugs...That was enough to scare the SHIT out of me.  BUT...I watched her, and it was like watching someone descending into a dark abyss of utter nothingness.  Her head flopped backwards, and she slid down to a seated position.  It scared me, and I thought: Why?  Why would you do this to yourself?

Now back to the: I shared, on facebook, over a year ago... a documentary on Psychiatry and how dangerous these drugs can really be.  No big deal. Just another day in facebook world.
This person unfriended me, got in an argument with me online, and when we were together, she attacked me for my views.  She told me that people who do not go to psychiatrist and take drugs are the dangerous ones.  Okay...I can take it, I realize it's something she needs.  BUT...press forward thirty minutes. She pulls out five different pills, FIVE, and takes them.  After a few minutes her head lolled backwards and her body sank deeply into the couch where she remained still for more than thirty minutes.   And to be honest, I thought back to that party, back to the junky who was literally killing herself.
And this girl was telling me that MORE people need to be like her.  She was the mentally normal one. 

Why do I bring this up?  People aren't stupid, an alcoholic knows they have a problem, people who smoke know that they will eventually need to quit or face the real risk of not being able to breathe, an obese person knows that eating the entire pizza is not the best for them ... We know this...  BUT... there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to prescribed medication. And medication is almost like a double edge sword...isn't it.

I had a friend who got hurt as a teenager.  She was prescribed some heavy pain pills, which she needed, but she got hooked, and when she was thirty she turned into a heroin addict and ended up in jail for prostitution (She needed help, not jail time).  It was sad really.
...  But most of us know the dangers of painkillers, and most of us are careful when we have them.  ...   So where is the disconnect when someone is taking 5 different psychological pills?  I think it is the same kind of disconnect you saw during the times of the Wild West when doctors prescribed morphine, for headaches, and magically, morphine was seen as safe. (This goes for cigarettes)

Now, do I care if adults want to use drugs as a means for coping with this ever growing burdensome life?  No, they are adults, free to choose, I would hope their doctors inform them, but if not we have google, we have every drug listed online, and when they get the drug they get a package insert with lots of information...so it's not like they are being forced.  (BUT...I am against forced medication, especially forced psychiatric medication)

So why did you bother writing this if you don't care?  Well, there is something I care about.  My children's future and the ever growing debt our country is going into, not to mention the fact that we are forced to buy healthcare, and with tax-dollars and the like, I feel like it is not sustainable to continue to pay for these dangerous drugs.  Seriously.  I'm tired of people saying that we need "free" healthcare, which is a collective pool of money from the people, when most of them aren't bothering to lower the price of healthcare by practicing health.  You know exercise, eating right, getting out of shitty situations that make them so depressed that they have to risk their health just to manage life.

Our healthcare costs are not just the fault of insurance companies or government regulations or of greedy corporations, our healthcare costs are also high because of US, yes, the people that want a magic pill for everything.  If you want a one-payer system, if you want to rob from our children's children, then in the VERY least, attempt to be mentally and physically fit.  Is this possible for everyone?  I doubt it, but most of us can do this...do you know how I know?  Well, just look back about twenty, thirty years, we did it then, we can do it again. If anything, I am just saying that I do care, and with prices going through the roof and health insurance companies demanding for a bailout, we are going BROKE.  We have to

I'd ask that you take a look at the following article: The Half-Trillion-Dollar Depression 
And also take a look at the following website: Medical Whistle Blower Network


As a woman I must say I am alarmed by this push to promote Islam as the Religion of Peace.  What does that even mean?  (Peace means: freedom from disturbance, quiet, and tranquility.  Calm, serenity.  Freedom from or the cessation of war or violence.) 
     To be sure, one of the most fundamentally wonderful things that makes me proud to be a citizen of the U.S.A is this idea of separating Religion and the State, especially when it comes to laws.  If you were to pick any religion and tried to live by their laws, you would find that the world would descend into chaos, we need only look at history for this.  We need only look at city, towns, and countries that push religion with a fervent passion.  (Not all religions, just many of them, I bring this up because I can't remember a time when an Amish person went out and started a war.  Have they?)
     This is not a criticism about Islam, it is about a strange unnerving feeling you get when you hear something over and over again...you start asking: Why are they trying to sell this? 
     So why?  Why this sudden push to "prove" Islam is a religion of peace, while Christianity is the war mongering, oppressive religion?  I'm seeing post after post propping up the most awful things said in the Bible, while only seeing the positive side of the Quran. It's almost as if a Religious War is happening via the internet.
     To be SURE, both the Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible say some awful things, and some very nice positive things.  to be SURE, the Quran says the most awful things, as well as positive things.  So we must go off of what? The actions of the believers.  Right?
     As a woman, I urge people to keep Church and State separate.  It is the first step toward emancipation.  While I am not an Atheist, as a woman I feel compelled to share this video by Christopher Hitchens and also a Debate on whether or not Islam is a Religion of Peace. So tell me: Why this sudden push to promote Islam as the Religion of Peace?  As one great man questioned: If all religions promote Peace, why do we not have it?

My husband and I have been in an epic philosophical battle for the past year over a particular subject.  The subject is something I hold to a high standard and is one of my core beliefs.  The individual is superior to the Collective. It started off as discussing the Common Good, Greater Good, and the like.  But as time went on, we understood that it came down to an old philosophical argument: Which is Superior (for the betterment of humankind) Individualism or Collectivism?
     What does this have to do with Yin and Yang being Superior.? Yin and Yang represent the positive and negative of life. It can also be seen as a difference in thought and ideals.  All too often we want someone to be on our side, we hang out with people that think and believe just like we do, thus we find ourselves in a rut.  (Side note, this is why I am so strong in my belief of freedom of speech, without debate, we cannot grow)
     Well...We could grow...We could learn...It's just harder when we get in that rut, thus making Yin and Yang a Superior way of life, listening, seeing, and attempting to understand both the dark and light.
     Here is an example of Yin and Yin, vs. Yin and Yang (You could also say Yang and Yang vs. Yin and Yang).  Let's say Jan and Ron are married and they happened to belong to a cult.  They are so use to this cult, and all their friends like this cult, that it isn't until Jim Jones tells them to drink the Kool-aid that Ron starts to question whether or not they should be in the cult.
     Take that example again.  Ron is not in a cult, let's make it even better and say that Ron is an atheist (the extreme left and right). Let's keep Jan as a member of a cult.  Let's say they date for 5 months and are so engrossed in each other that they don't even think to talk about religion until it is too late: They are in Love.  This first conversation might end in a bad way, Jan cries, Ron is upset, but they come back, because they are in love.  They start talking, each one wants to understand the other, so they begin studying, and before you know it, both know more about each others ideals.  Now of course it could end the same way, Jan drinking the Kool-aid, but I think the chances are low.
     This is NOT about religion, or atheism or any of that.  It is about 2 different ideologies coming together to help each person grow and learn, because either way, both know more about the world and can see different people's perspectives a bit more.  This is basically what is happening with Steve and I, we keep learning more in hopes, I think, of swaying the others stubborn mind.  (YEAH FOR STUBBORN PEOPLE!)
     Anyway, I hope this tiny little example helps you be open to listening to other people outside your box.  We live in an extreme world, and in the very least, listening to the other person gives you more knowledge, and as we know...Knowledge is power, it can protect us in a dire situations.  Simple example: Being stuck out in the woods in the middle of the night with no fire in freezing temperatures...you learned, in the past, how to build a fire without a match...you start a fire, with this knowledge, you live another day.  (Also, I am sharing a video on Collectivism vs. Individualism, for those who might not be aware of this Epic Philosophical Showdown)   Thanks for joining me.  If you liked this Article, Please Share it.  :) *E

According to Health Research Funding (.org)... Mail order bride has increased.  They give some interesting statistics I would like to share for the very reason of asking you, the reader of this: WHY?  Why do you think ordering brides has increased?

AnastatiaDate (lead mail order) now averages 2.6 Million visits per MONTH.  Wow.  (They are open to many industrialized nations)
Their traffic increased 220% in 2012 (Wish I had newer stats)
Overall the industry increased by 29%
Over 100,000 woman are available for order.
The increase in buying (is that the right word?) is 10%
Women are getting in on it, looking for a husband.
A minimum of 10,000 mail order bride marriages happen in the US each year.

Here is a brief look at the average user: An American man that is between 35-60.  He makes 100k or more a year. He's most often reason:  He is fed up of the typical dating scene.  He wants to find a spouse that will take care of him.

So what do you think?  And more to the point, would you, male or female, if you had the funds, purchase a bride / groom?


All around me I see what weakness has made
Too much tomorrow I think I'll take all today
Am I a poison, Am I a thorn in the side
Am I a picture, perfect subject tonight

I don't need nobody
I don't need the weight of words to find a way
To crash on through
I don't need nobody
I just need to learn the depth
Or doubt of faith to fall into

Here I slumber to awaken my daze
I find convenience in this savior I save
Am I a prison, Am I a source of dire news
Am I a picture perfect reason for you

I don't need nobody
I don't need the weight of words to find a way
To crash on through
I don't need nobody
I just need to learn the depth or doubt
Of faith to fall into

In this time of substitute
It's my needs I've answered to (All the while)
And the hope that I invest
Still turns to signals of distress (All the while)

I don't need nobody
I don't need the weight of words to find a way
To crash on through
I don't need nobody
I just need to learn the depth or doubt
Of faith to fall into

You're all I need
When the water runs deep
You're all I need
Now I cry my soul to sleep
You're all I need [4x]

I've listed  videos below that explains this phenomenon sweeping the nation.  My fellow adults honestly don't understand it, but we must if we are going to preserve our sanity.  (We are being divided by these ideologies.    
Left, Top: What is happening.  Right, Top: Example of Victimhood
Left, Bottom: Real Debate       Right, Bottom: Feminist becoming Sexists

"culture of dignity is now giving way to a new culture of victimhood in which people are encouraged to respond to even the slightest unintentional offense, as in an honor culture. But they must not obtain redress on their own; they must appeal for help to powerful others or administrative bodies, to whom they must make the case that they have been victimized."  See Full article about Microaggressions, At Righteous Mind . Com:  here.

Solutions: First recognize we have a problem by asking yourself: Do we have a problem? If yes, where can this lead? .  Next, speak out if you don't like the direction this is heading, because THEY are Screaming.  Finally, do not allow for freedom of speech to be usurped and teach your children how to be strong independent people who care about others, but also care about themselves.  

We should be careful because we are heading back to the dark-ages.  If you program a society to deny freedom of thoughts and ideas in the name of not offending anyone, people will be afraid to speak up and out when their is a true injustice.