Raven's First Creepypasta and First post on EliciaClegg.com.  We welcome and look forward to all her hard work. 
A couple of years back, when me and my wife had a child she was beautiful.  We decided to name her Alexis. Well thinks didn’t turn out right for our life. When she learned how to talk she asked her mother, “What is it like outside?”

Her mother began to tell her about all the good things outside and all the bad things outside. In return Alexis never wanted to go outside. She liked the things that sounded good but she was more afraid of the bad things. 

When she grew into an adult she refused to leave the house. When her more was elderly, Alexis still had not gone outside. She slowly become overprotective about her mother that she eventually kicked me out, her own father. 

Then one day her mother decided to take her outside.  The first thing that Alexis saw was little rabbits hoping around on the ground.  She loved these rabbits, she thought they were so adorable. 

Her mother was so very nice to her.  She could see how much Alexis loved the rabbits that she thought she would go to the store and buy her a pair of red bunny ears.  Alexis loved them so much, and she was so happy that her mother gave them to her. Alexis stood outside the store, smiling and loving the new bunny ears. 

Alexis began walking down the street alone.  She was walking to her house, just looking around at the outside and all the beautiful things. She looked cute with her little bunny ears on.

Two guys noticed her and thought she was an idiot since she was older and walking around with bunny ears on like a little child. So they proceeded to beat her up.  Alexis couldn’t understand why they would hurt her, no one understood why. 

Poor Alexis was rushed to the hospital, she had a lot of damage done to her, she was hurt really bad.  Her jaw was opened wider than it should have and all of her teeth were gone. She had so many scratch marks on her face, and her legs and arms were broken. They even ripped part of the bunny ears off.  

Since how much they damaged caused took so long to heal she slowly began to go insane.  She began to think that the bunny ears on her head were real so she had them patched up. Soon enough they were part of her even though they weren’t.  All the while they had to stitch her mouth closed, but somehow she could still talk. The doctors couldn’t figure it out, so they just decided to ignore it. 

Then they put a type of bandage mask over her mouth so no one would get creeped out.  Her mother was so happy that Alexis was still alive. She went home, and the more time she spent inside the house, the more insane she got.  Eventually she started to hate her blonde hair so she changed it to green with pink tips.  Since she was naturally born with curly hair she thought it looked a lot better.  For some reason she found some type of glow stuff that she ended up putting on her head.   Next, she started wearing a strange type of dress, that was dark red.  

One day she saw the guys that beat her up.  They were surprised by the amount of damage they had done, but at the same time they didn’t really recognize her because she had changed so much.  Then she walked up to them, took off her bandage mask and whispered in their ear, “If you do that to anyone again, i will eat you while you are sleeping.” 

They didn’t believe her, but they should have because when night fell and they were about to go to their beds she snuck into their house.  She killed them, cut their bellies open, and ate all their guts.  The police arrived shortly after.  They saw both of the corps laying there. 

That is the end of the story, but remember Alexis could be out there, anywhere.  So watch out.


02/12/2014 8:25pm

can you make it little bigger and something wrong sent five mother
well thoughts on this i might try to wear bunny ears

10/30/2015 11:16pm

If this is a first attempt on this topic then it is really a brilliant work and I appreciate you for your hard work. This blog is looking very lengthy but if any one wants to enhance his knowledge in this topic then he should read the whole blog carefully.


Oh I love this story, brilliant work as they said. Congrats

05/14/2016 2:21pm

Hi Elicia I want to say I love your site, really good work


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